Listen to Jaylen Brown mock Kyrie Irving during long-winded answer in London after Celtics-76ers

Kyrie Irving and Jaylen Brown of the Celtics.
Photo credit Soobum Im/USA Today Sports
Jaylen Brown earned a lot of attention for a thoughtful interview with The Guardian before the Celtics played the 76ers in London. But after Thursday's win, Brown also showed his sense of humor by audibly sighing during Kyrie Irving's postgame interview and then whispering, "I'm sick of you," during a particularly lengthy answer. Irving cracked up and ceded the mic. Check it out for yourself.

45 seconds into Kyrie’s answer about the Celtics’ comebacks, you can hear Jaylen whisper to wrap it up: “I’m sick of you.” Kyrie: --

— Nicole Yang (@nicolecyang) January 12, 2018