Kyrie Irving says relationship with Brad Stevens has 'grown tremendously'

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Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving opened up about his relationship with Brad Stevens Wednesday night. 

Following a 112-102 victory, Irving talked about how his relationship with his head coach has grown and that the two have found common ground this season as they've worked towards figuring out to get the best from their team weeks away from the postseason. 

"All the coaches I've been with haven't resulted in the win column but the relationships have grown of seeing me at a time where at the beginning of a season it was one way and toward the end of the season there was an understanding of what we want to accomplish and what we want to do, and trying to get on the same page," Irving said. "So, Brad's my fifth head coach but for me I take it as an opportunity to get to know an individual, where he comes from, his knowledge of the game and how he can help me -- that's what you should do with coaches."

Irving was in rare form Wednesday night in Miami. He do