Bruins Tuukka Rask on 500th NHL game: ‘goes to show how old I’m getting’


Tuukka Rask rarely wants to reflect on the past in public, but he had no choice Monday.

With the Bruins’ goalie rotation turning to him for Tuesday’s rematch with Toronto, three nights after the Maple Leafs beat the Bruins 4-3 in overtime, Rask is going to reach 500 games played in his NHL career.

He’ll become the 71st goalie in NHL to reach that milestone, according to, and he’ll tie former Bruins puck stopper Jeff Hackett on the all-time games played list.

“They say it’s just like 1,000 games for the players, so it’s a big milestone. You I think to play 500 games as a goalie, it’s going to take some years. So yeah, just goes to show how old I’m getting I guess. That’s about it,” the 32-year-old said after practice at Warrior Ice Arena.

Rask’s workload has been lessened this season and last by the presence of Jaroslav Halak, who is seven games shy of reaching 500 games for his NHL career. The goalies have rotated since opening night, and although coach Bruce Cassidy has said that at some point Rask will begin to receive more starts than Halak, the tandem approach to goaltending Boston has adopted has preserved Rask to play at his best more often.

He doesn’t feel like he’s played 500 games at the sport’s highest level.

“No … because it goes by so quickly. You don’t really pay attention to how many games you’ve played total until you’ve reach some kind of a milestone. Then you start looking back, ‘holy crap, it’s been 500 [games> and whatever, 11 years.’ Yeah, time flies definitely. But just grateful that I’ve been part of this team so long and still in it. So it’s awesome,” he said.