2019 NBA Draft order has been set, here’s what Celtics can do


There was a slim chance the Celtics would enter the 2019 NBA Draft with a fourth first-round pick given where the Memphis Grizzlies finished on 2018-19. It’s not a secret Boston didn’t want the pick this year either, given it could have been ninth overall at best.

So the Celtics got what they wanted this time around, leaving them with the Sacramento Kings pick at No. 14, the Los Angeles Clippers pick at 20 and their own pick, No. 22, for June 20.

Here’s where the Celtics could go with each pick:

No. 14

Sekou Doumbouya, Forward, France

Doumbouya projects to go anywhere from ninth overall to 15th. This 18-year-old wing measures in at 6’9”, 210 pounds. In the era of positionless basketball, this guy can fit in well under Brad Stevens. Doumbouya could turn into a solid two-way player, too. But for everything he can be, there’s reason to think he can’t get to that point, as well. Doumbouya lacks the same experience as other potential picks, meaning his basketball IQ isn’t quite where it needs to be. But, that might work for the Celtics, who already don’t have enough touches to go around

Rui Hachimura, Forward, Gonzaga

Hachimura is the safer option over Doumbouya. However, if there’s the option between the two, the Celtics might be better off going with Doumbouya because there simply won’t be enough minutes for Hachimura right now. And he’s probably going to command some time with his size and ability to finish at the rim. He doesn’t have much range on his shot and still has room to grow on the defensive end, but the size is there, as is the athleticism.

No. 20

Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Guard/Forward, Virginia Tech

Alexander-Walker has the length to play small forward in addition to shooting guard in the NBA, measuring in at 6-5. But he lacks strength, making it tough for him to challenge opponents at the rim. He’s a good shooter though. He can pull up or catch and shoot. If he can pack on some weight, there may be hope for Alexander-Walker to outperform his projected slot when he hits the NBA.

No. 22

Keldon Johnson, Guard/Forward, Kentucky

Kentucky’s 6’6”, 215-pound guard pretty much checks all the boxes for a typical Celtic. He’s got size and length. He can get after it from deep and fill in where he’s needed defensively. However, there’s a reason Johnson is slated to go so far down the draft. He’s not going to create his own shots. But that might not be a problem on a Celtics team where there are only so many touches to go around as it is.