A Celtics-heavy Team USA could help Boston in 2019-20


The Celtics have a chance to do something the 2018-19 team never could: make team chemistry a strength. They could even do it before Kemba Walker plays a single preseason game for the C’s.

Walker, Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart, three of Boston’s important pieces, have all received invites to Team USA’s training camp on August 5 in preparation for the FIBA World Cup. Jaylen Brown may receive an invite, as well. As much as Tatum, Smart and Brown have worked together for multiple years and seen Walker play — plus, everyone seems to be spending some amount of time at the Auberach Center — it’s different when the actual games get rolling. A Boston-heavy Team USA gives the Celtics, specifically Brad Stevens, a better idea of how Walker’s game flows with his new teammates and vice versa. (An example of one thing to look for: how does Walker work with Tatum, who didn’t take the step forward everyone thought he would in his sophomore season.)

Now, the Celtics will still have to share the floor with other NBA players, obviously. But in situations like these, we’ve seen stars take advantage of the roster in some shape or form, pulverizing the opposition along the way. Namely, we often hear about the relationships players develop while with these Team USA superteams. With the Celtics having three, possibly four, guys on the roster, there’s no reason they can’t continue to gain a greater understanding for one another — both on and off the floor.

Some of these points may seem trivial, but when you think for five seconds about the talent on the C’s 2018-19 roster and consider the issues they had, it probably would’ve helped if they had the little things under control.