Al Horford rumored to have a contract worth $112 million awaiting him

Celtics forward Al Horford
Photo credit Getty Images

In addition to Kyrie Irving, it appears the Celtics will lose Al Horford after the big man’s contract negotiations with the Celtics ended, following his decision to opt-out of the final year of his contract — the latter of which was anticipated.

The rumor was Horford is expecting fairly significant payday, while it seemed the Celtics wanted to restructure his deal in a way that helped the organization work to fill the gap Irving would leave. Marc Stein of the New York Times furthered the narrative that a large contract is in Horford’s future, reporting, “Numerous teams and agents believe Al Horford has a four-year offer awaiting him in free agency worth an estimated $112 million.”

The team believed to be the favorite to offer Horford this money is Dallas. Though, Stein’s sources tell him the Mavericks will not offer Horford that level of a deal.

Given the state of the Celtics, the prospect of this type of contract is unquestionably something Horford can’t pass up, especially if Boston wasn’t willing to give him a similar deal. However, as important of a piece as he is for the C’s, Horford isn’t the same fit on this new-look, Irving-less team as he was when they were viewed as a legitimate contender.