Buster Olney on OMF: MLB asking 'very specific questions' in Red Sox sign-stealing case


While the Red Sox are working on a deal to send Mookie Betts out West, MLB is still looking into Boston’s sign-stealing scandal.

After Alex Cora and the Red Sox “mutually agreed to part ways,” it seemed like Boston might not run into further trouble. But ESPN’s Buster Olney gave reason to believe that will not be the case when he spoke with Ordway, Merloni and Fauria on Thursday — having heard from “folks with knowledge of the questions that” MLB is asking at this stage of the investigation.

“There is a feeling among them that they have something. That there’s something specific that they’re working off of. Whether or not that’s true, I can’t tell you,” Olney said. “Does it rise to the level of what the Astros did? I don’t know. But, they’re asking very specific questions. It’s like having one piece of evidence and building off of that.”