What Antoine Walker thinks Celtics are missing


Although they lost their last game to the Pelicans, it seems the Celtics have turned things around. Especially on the defensive end. But some still think the C’s need to make a move at the deadline.

While Boston has been linked to players who can help stretch the floor and defend along the perimeter, the Celtics’ lack of size is something they could address, as well.

Kendrick Perkins recently brought up the idea of sending Gordon Hayward to Oklahoma City for Steven Adams.

Antoine Walker didn’t have a name to offer during his appearance on Dale and Keefe, but he feels similarly — even though he likes this year’s Celtics team. The former Celtics forward believes one of the players from Boston’s 2018-19 roster would have addressed the flaws the 2019-20 team has.

“They do lack size. I didn’t think they would really miss him (initially), but I think they really miss Al Horford. A guy who can stretch the floor, who can pay the four and the five,” Walker said. “Enes Kanter, I think, has been serviceable, he’s been good. But if they can make a move for a big, maybe a rebounder, because they have enough scoring. … They’re going to have to be able to match up with a Joel Embiid. Milwaukee is pretty big inside. So if they can make a move, I don’t know who that right guy is. You don’t want to give up all of your key assets, or a big key asset that you have.

“But I think (the Celtics are) right in the mix. I think the East is wide open. I think Milwaukee is maybe one step ahead of everybody, but (they’re) right there when you think about who’s the second-best team in the Eastern Conference. I wouldn’t make any major moves, but I would look to add a little size.”

Prior to discussing this year’s Celtics team, Walker talked about the passing of Kobe Bryant. Both were members of the 1996 NBA Draft Class.

One thing that came up throughout the discussion was the idea of retiring Bryant’s number league-wide. Walker liked the idea, but he thought a better one might be to name an award after the Laker legend.

Also, Walker made a point to recognize Bryant’s daughter and the other individuals who died in the helicopter crash, as well as their families.