Buster Olney on OMF: Red Sox, Dodgers deep into Mookie Betts trade talks


Add ESPN’s Buster Olney to the list of those who believe Mookie Betts will be a Dodger soon.

“If I had to bet the family farm back in Vermont, I would say that the Red Sox will trade Betts before spring training (and) that he will go to the Dodgers,” he told Ordway, Merloni and Fauria on Thursday.

Olney also expressed the Red Sox and Dodgers have discussed trades that include David Price in a Betts deal, and ones that don’t involve the left-handed pitcher. If Price is involved in the deal, Boston “won’t get as many good prospects.” The issue is Price’s elbow. 

“The question that’s being asked with other front offices is, ‘What would David’s value be if he were a free agent?’” Olney said. “What I’m getting back is one year, $12 million. Two years at $18 million, because of his elbow issues.”

As for why Betts hasn’t inked a deal with the Red Sox, Olney expressed it has to do with the Players Association above all else. 

“(Mookie) understands his importance to the union,” Olney said. “And the union needs guys like him to get to free agency. We’ve seen guys like Gerrit Cole and how much they’ve pulled the numbers up. … and Mookie will have the ability to do that.”