Tacko Watch: Fall teched up again vs. Raptors 905


There was still some level of tension between Tacko Fall and Raptors 905 forward Devin Robinson in their rematch on Wednesday. They were physical on both ends of the floor, especially early, but it wasn’t until late in the game where Fall got a bit too frustrated on a play in which Robinson was involved.

While Fall had the ball in the paint late in the fourth, he was called for a travel after multiple Raptors 905 players swarmed him. He wasn’t happy with the call and expressed as much, receiving another technical foul, his second in as many games. (Robinson made sure to direct the referee’s attention to Fall after he made his comments which led to the tech.)

Ultimately, Fall’s technical foul didn’t have an impact on the result of the game, with Maine winning 113-102.

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