There may be more to Carsen Edwards than his offensive game


Carsen Edwards is a scorer.

That’s what he’s known for and how he helped Purdue make its Sweet 16 run in this year’s NCAA Tournament. It’s why his new Celtics teammate and fellow Big Ten alum Romeo Langford said in his impromptu scouting report of Edwards, “just don’t let him touch the ball.”

Grant Williams expressed a similar sentiment about the point guard. However, he also offered another point about another part of Edwards’ game.

“He can switch to a four-man in the league and hold his own because of how — I called him ‘Little Bully’ — because of how stocky, how strong he is, (like) a little linebacker or something like that.”

For those who don’t know, Edwards is listed at 6-foot-1. After seeing him today, that may be a bit generous. Either way, most wouldn’t describe his height as an advantage on the defensive end. He’s not quite Isaiah Thomas’ height (5-foot-9), but a 6-foot-1 player guarding an NBA four is a little hard to imagine. So even though Williams had no problem praising his new teammate, Edwards isn’t getting ahead of himself.

“Obviously, this is a whole different level, the NBA,” he said. “But at Purdue, we’d switch four ways, which means we’d switch one through four. So if the four-man screens me, we’d switch. I’m still working to be the best I can be on the defensive end and the offensive end. But, honestly, if a coach asks me to guard a four off a switch or anything, I’m just going to give my best to try to, and be as physical as I can.”

And that was very much a theme with Edwards at the draftees' introductory press conference: do whatever I can. Not that the other three didn’t share a similar message. Edwards just made a point to bring it up almost every instance he talked about his game and approach to the team. Very much reminiscent of another diminutive guard who stole the hearts of Celtics fans in the past (and may or may not have already been mentioned in this post).