What to watch with no live sports: NBA League Pass free access

Losing live sports has been an odd adjustment. But, as everyone knows, we’re in uncharted territory.
Still, we all need something to help pass the time. There’s a lot out there. You can read. Board and video games are options. Maybe crocheting?
Personally, I’m going to rewatch and catch up on shows and movies. With there being so much out there to consume on these streaming services and even regular old cable, it can seem overwhelming.
Here are some recommendations for Thursday, March 19:


The NBA and Turner Sports announced on Wednesday that they will give fans free access to NBA League pass until April 22.

This allows fans to go back and watch any game from 2019-20, as well as classic games. It’s easy to use and available online or in app-form.

During the NBA Hiatus, Watch a Free Preview of NBA League Pass>> https://t.co/Pqxh2ExSNm pic.twitter.com/0VLbibniN1

— NBA (@NBA) March 18, 2020

You may have seen all the Celtics games from 2019-20, but, trust me, a lot of other awesome games were played before the league’s hiatus.


Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story is available on HBO. The perfect movie for sports fans in a time with no live sports. Some might say Miracle was the ultimate underdog story, but this one has “underdog story” in the title. That has to count for something.

Also, the first Jumanji movie that features the Rock is on FXX at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday. Definitely good for a few laughs.


Hopefully one minute and 13 seconds of Jonathan Papelbon dancing to I’m Shipping Up To Boston can get you through the day: