What to watch with no live sports: Randy Moss Patriots highlights

Former New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss
Photo credit Getty Images
It's been over two weeks without live sports now. Feels like six months.
If you haven’t lost all hope and resorted to books with no pictures, I’ve got viewing options to get you through the self-quarantine. Use them however you see fit: as a guide, a jumping-off point or even a gauge of what you should socially distance yourself from. Whatever helps.
Here are some ideas for Monday, March 31:


Even if you’re not a big fan of his work, there’s at least one Quentin Tarantino movie out there for everyone. If I had to pick one, it’d be Inglourious Basterds, which happens to be available on Netflix.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are also on there, as is The Hateful Eight.