Chris Mannix on D&K: Celtics are a 'discombobulated bunch'


The Celtics are in a greater state of chaos than perhaps at any time during Brad Stevens' tenure as head coach. That was punctuated Saturday night with Marcus Morris' postgame comments.

So, what exactly is going on within the roster of this team? Chris Mannix joined the Dale & Keefe Show to try to offer some clarity, starting with the heat that is suddenly on Stevens to fix things.

"Up until this point he has taken a place among the NBA elite coaches but up until this point, he has coached the underdog teams," said the Sports Illustrated writer. "Teams with not low expectations but tempered expectations. This the first year where they’ve been outside expectations and this team has failed to meet them. There certainly appears to be locker room chemistry issues. There are obviously on-court chemistry issues. 

"I still believe he’s one of the best coaches in the NBA. But when you get the praise the criticism comes with it."

What Stevens has to figure out is not only getting his entire roster on the same page on the court but off the court, as well. It's a far cry from the overachieving bunch from a season ago.

"They just had better chemistry last year," Mannix said. "Everybody just knew their roles and embraced their roles. … They played together. … They just seemed really comfortable playi8ng with each other. This group? Not so much.

"At times there seems almost a competition between the veteran players and the younger players. ... I don’t think they don’t like each other. I think there are a lot of guys in different places in their careers and they’re trying to do different things. Plus you have Gordon Hayward who is trying to find his way while trying to find his rhythm. It’s just kind of a discombobulated bunch that is inside that locker room."