Griff Holt puts his dad on the injured list


Griff Holt has been an Instagram star thanks to some of the posts from his father, Brock.

Now he has put his dad in the news.

The Red Sox infielder revealed Saturday that the impetus for the scratch on his right eye was due to some playing around with his 2-year-old on the first day of the regular season.

"It happened on Opening Day," Holt told reporters. "I went and saw an eye doctor in Seattle, got some drops, tried to work through it. I can see, but there’s still a little blurry spot in my right eye. I wasn’t able to pick up spin. I wasn’t able to do anything in the box. Yesterday, I decided, ‘Hey, I think I might need to see another eye doctor here or do something.’ I wasn’t helping us by being out there. I thought I could play through it and do my job. I wasn’t able to do that. Hopefully, take the 10 days and come back once those 10 days are up."

Holt added, "It was actually a play at the hotel. The morning of Opening Day, I went and got Griff up out of bed, was bringing him back to our bed, and one of his fingernails got me good. I thought at the time it just poked me in the eye, but the first two days in Seattle were rough. I was wearing sunglasses inside. I couldn’t open my right eye. Obviously, I needed to go see an eye doctor. Went to see someone in Seattle. I put a contact lens in it to protect the scratch. Every time I was blinking, it was rubbing, making my eye water. Couldn’t really see out of my right eye. Gave me some drops, started clearing up, but my right eye was still pretty blurry in Seattle and then Oakland felt a little bit better, but it’s obvious, when I close my left eye, close my right eye, I can tell the difference. It’s a freak thing. Like I said, hopefully, the 10 days, it will clear up and I’ll be ready after that."

Holt had struggled at the plate throughout the young season, notching just one hit in 16 at-bats while striking out seven times. He had started the previous four games before being placed on the injured list Saturday.

"It’s not funny, but it is funny," he told reporters. "He walks around and tells everyone he poked me in the eye. Being a dad, he got me. It’s something I thought I could play through and still be able to do my job, but the vision in my right eye is really different. It was obviously affecting me on the field. I don’t want to be out there if I can’t help us."

Tzu-Wei Lin replaced Holt on the 25-man roster.