Red Sox exec offers interesting insight to Mookie Betts' contract situation


With the Red Sox' postseason chances dwindling, Mookie Betts' future has become one of the bigger storylines surrounding the Red Sox these days.

So when The Athletic's Peter Gammons threw in one paragraph quoting an unnamed Red Sox executive on the topic it raised some eyebrows.

Gammons wrote:  Is Mookie Betts signable before becoming a free agent after 2021? They have been scouring other systems in case. “If Mookie wants to stay in Boston, we’ll pay him,” says one Sox official. “We want him to be the face of the franchise. But it’s hard to know. He’s rejected our outreach in the past. We have to know if he’s open to signing a year before he hits free agency at the end of next season.”

Betts, who will be eligible for free agency at the conclusion of the 2020 season, has been playing his cards close to his vest when it comes to an approach toward a new contract.

Appearing on the Bradfo Sho podcast, Betts discussed the challenge that comes with separating the business of baseball with what happens between the lines.

"It’s kind of tough as you’re playing you kind of wonder what is going to happen to you as you go through arbitration or as you go through free agency," he said. "It’s one of those things you have to find a way to separate the two. Even though this is a business you do have people here that you’re with every day, like your family. You want to go play for them and you want to win with them. You have to find a way to do that but understand that there is a business side to it. You have to find a way to understand."