Red Sox unsure if President of Baseball Operations title will carry over


It was a significant shift when the Red Sox gave Dave Dombrowski the title of President of Baseball Operations. The organization had never designated such a responsibility, one where all decisions regarding things related to the baseball-playing element of the organization definitively fell to one person.

The move was a logical one considering the perceived ambiguity when it came who was responsible for some of the organization's bigger moves.

But now there may be the possibility that titles are juggled once again.

According to a team source, the Red Sox are unsure if the person to replace Dombrowski will carry the President of Baseball Operations title, with the possibility that the team goes back to the previous chain of command of a team president -- which would continue to be Sam Kennedy -- along with a conventional general manager.

The direction might hinge on the experience and availability of Dombrowski's successor. In many cases, a candidate would only entertain a move to the Red Sox if a president's title (or something similar) was part of the deal.

For now, assistant general managers Eddie Romero, Zack Scott and Brian O'Halloran are joined by senior vice-president of major and minor league operations Raquel Ferreira in sharing the responsibility of executing all baseball decisions until a new hire is made.