Why Ron Roenicke went with Jerry Narron as bench coach


FORT MYERS, Fla. -- When Jerry Narron was announced as the bench coach for the Red Sox it didn't seem complicated: The last time Ron Roenicke was manager of a major league team, with the Brewers, Narron manned the same position.

But there was another dynamic that played in the favor of Narron when identifying him as Roenicke's right-hand man with the Red Sox. He was a new voice on a staff that still resembled the same group Alex Cora left behind.

"I think it’s good a lot of times to have a new voice," Roenicke said. "I’m not saying that we really necessarily need it here because things I think are doing really well. I like our coaching staff. I like what they do. But I think any time you come from an organization, you bring something. So Tim Hyers brought something from the Dodgers coming over. And we hired Pete (Fatse) this year, he brought something from the Twins. I think all the people that come from different organizations, they’ll bring something with them and especially if they’re good. if they’re good, they’re going to make a difference in what they bring over, what maybe you want to do things, but also, hey, this is how we did it there and is constantly trying to get things right."

As for Jason Varitek, who was viewed by some as a logical candidate to slide into the bench coach role, Roenicke explained the former catcher's official role has yet to be determined.

"We’re discussing what we can do with him," the Sox interim manager said. "As you know, there are some issues with how many people you can have on the bench, who can be there during ballgames. We’re talking about how to go about that the best way. We’ve also, we hired the assistant pitching coach in (Kevin) Walker now and so with Jason, you have the extra hitting coach with Pete, how does that fit in, who is more valuable in-game on the bench.”

"We’re trying to keep him as much as we can with his schedule will allow. He’s still got some major responsibilities, rightly so, as, I think as we all do that have kids, know that’s a priority of what we do. So we’ll try to work it out where we can."

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