Wiggy: Jarrett Stidham has 5 percent chance to be successful


Wiggy broke out the abacus!

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Friday morning, Jermaine Wiggins offered his analysis on whether or not Jarrett Stidham could evolve into a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL. Except when it came to finding an answer Wiggins chose to rely on math.

"Stidham has a five percent chance of being successful, and when we say successful we mean Dak Prescott or Kirk Cousins," Wiggins said.

"I went back to 1995 and I said let me look at all the fourth round quarterbacks, all of the third round quarterbacks, all of the second round quarterbacks and all of the first round quarterbacks from 1995 until 2019 and what the success rate percentage-wise would be for them. If you were a fourth-rounder — and I use the success model as Kirk Cousins and Dak Prescott — if Jarrett Stidham turned out to one of those two I would be happy. That’s a win … The chance of that happening is five percent."

So, how about if the Patriots drafted a quarterback in the first round?

"My guy was Jordan Love. If you would have drafted Jordan Love there is a 28 percent chance he would have been in a successful categories of first-rounders," Wiggins explained.

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