15 most important Patriots for 2019: No. 15, Jamie Collins

With the Patriots off until training camp, we’re having a series featuring the 15 most important Patriots players for the upcoming season. The countdown will continue for the next several weeks

No. 15: Jamie Collins 

Position: Linebacker

2018 stats (with Cleveland): 104 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 interception

Why he’s No. 15: Collins is back with the Patriots after spending a few years in Cleveland following being traded at the 2016 trade deadline. Things didn’t end all that great in New England with reports surfacing that he was “freelancing,” but both sides are hoping things are different this time around. His role will not be as big as it was his during his first tenure with the team, as it’s likely he will be more of a situational player.

With that being said, even though he will likely be a situational player, Collins is a playmaker and has the potential to make a number of big plays for the defense. With his athleticism, the coaching staff will find ways to use that to their advantage and have him be an impactful player for the defense. The Patriots do not need him to be the best player on the field, but they absolutely will be counting on him to make some big plays in some big situations.