Adam Schefter on GHS shares latest on Josh Gordon, Tom Brady's contract situation


The Patriots got some good news at the end of last week when the NFL reinstated Josh Gordon and he's now at the Gillette Stadium facility on NFI (non-football injury list). He's not practicing yet and cannot play in Thursday's preseason game, but all indications are he will be ready for Week 1 of the regular season.

Joining The Greg Hill Show as part of the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon Tuesday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter believes that will be the case as otherwise why would the team have brought him in?

"I don’t know much more than anybody else other than to say that, again, as we all know he was conditionally reinstated last Friday,” Schefter said. “He’s back in the building, he’s going to meetings. I don’t think they let him back in the building with the organization if the idea is that he’s not going to play this season, assuming that he abides by all the conditions that have been laid out for him. So, I’m going to assume that now that he’s back there, I think he’s going to be ready to open the regular season. 

“Now, when he comes off NFI, when he’s allowed to practice, all those types of things — look, he’s back there 2-3 weeks before they open the regular season. Three weeks, I think he showed up Sunday so that would give him three weeks, and three weeks would be enough time for Josh Gordon to get ready. I don’t think it’s accidental that it would be three weeks at that point in time, so we all wait and see. But, what conditions are we talking about? Listen, the guy, as we all know, is on a short leash, that if there’s any type of transgression that he risks his entire NFL future. We all believe he’s going to be playing, I believe in the regular-season opener, I mean it’s really the same old story with him, right? Just we’re fast forwarding to August of 2019.”

Another major topic with the team is Tom Brady's contract, which his new deal has his final two years voiding after this season and thus becoming a free agent.

Schefter was asked if there's a chance an extension is agreed upon during the year to avoid him becoming a free agent and it didn't seem like Schefter thinks that's a possibility.

“It’s going to be an issue that just hangs out there all year long," he said. "I didn’t hear of any discord. I am not aware of any discord. I don’t think that is a factor. I just think people have lives and families and sometimes you want to do what is best for your life and kids and Tom is 42 now. I am sure that his family has sacrificed plenty for him to do what he’s done and to be as dedicated as he is to his job to do it at the level that he’s has. Again, if it is me looking at it from the outside, I am just reading the signs, right. His home is for sale. He’s on a contract that voids. It’s just saying that this has the potential one way or the other for this to be his last season in New England.”