Adam Schefter via GHS: Patriots may not be done with trades


The NFL trade deadline is a week away, but the Patriots have already made a big move by trading for Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu in exchange for a second-round pick.

But, could there be more to come?

The Patriots certainly have more needs -- tight end, maybe offensive line -- and appearing on The Greg Hill Show Tuesday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter said he wouldn't be surprised if there were more deals between now and next Tuesday's deadline.

“I don’t think they are ever done," he said. "I don’t know how likely it is that they will make another move, but I won’t be surprised. They will continue to make calls and they will continue to sift through it. By the way, you mentioned offensive line, you mentioned tight end, you mentioned those other positions — it isn’t like they don’t need help at those spots anymore. If they can find help that makes sense, they will do it, and they will be on the phone from now through the trade deadline next Tuesday at 4 o’clock Eastern, and if they can I am sure they will make more moves.”

As for Sanu, Schefter said the Patriots have been targeting him for awhile, dating back to the draft.

"They offered a (second-round pick) before the draft and the Falcons turned them down," Schefter said. "The Falcons were in a different spot then than they are today, losing games. Again, when Atlanta lost on Sunday and it is clear that they aren’t going to be making the type of run that they would like to, the Falcons decide to make the move. I think the two sides began intensifying discussions maybe Sunday night, Monday and basically put the framework in place to get this done.”

Sanu will likely be active Sunday afternoon against the Browns.