Bill Belichick to Devin McCourty: 'You are the ultimate role model'


On Tuesday night, Devin McCourty was named the Boston Uncornered “2020 Champion of the Year,” and a number his current and former teammates, including Tom Brady, joined in the virtual event to praise him.

Bill Belichick was one of them as the Patriots coach had a heartfelt message for his safety.

“Devin, it has truly been an honor to coach you," Belichick said. "Not only for what you have meant to our football team, but to see you become a great and inspirational man. You are the ultimate role model. You have given us great leadership on and off the field since 2010 when we drafted you in the first round. You have started every game you have played and became a captain in your second year.

“Congratulations for what you have done to improve people’s lives through your work with Boston Uncornered. You are a great example of the impact that someone can have with great wisdom, leadership, courage and passion.

“Conversations across our country, and within our team, will help lead to paving the way for a better future. Following your lead and the example of other incredible men on our team I look forward to increasing my role in this process. Healthy discussions lead to actions and actions you have brought to the forefront have resulted in progress.

“Again Devin, congratulations on this honor. And on behalf of the entire team, we want to express our gratitude for everything you represent as a teammate and as a person."

In addition, Robert Kraft donated $100,000 to Boston Uncornered as the first of its pledge to donate $1 million to social justice causes.

“Healthy discussions lead to actions, and actions that you have brought to the forefront have resulted in progress.”A special congratulations from Bill Belichick to @CollegeBoundDot’s Uncornered Champion, @McCourtyTwins (DMac).

— New England Patriots (@Patriots) June 10, 2020