What are Bill Belichick's first impressions of Cam Newton?


Prior to this week, Bill Belichick hasn't really been able to see much of Cam Newton -- and all of the Patriots players for that matter.

The first few phases of the return to training camp were strength and conditioning and coaches could not even be present on the field. That changed this week, so Belichick was able to see Newton in action for the first time.

Speaking via video conference Friday morning, Belichick was asked about Newton and while he kept it general, he did say he is a "hard-working kid."

"We’ve done a lot of meetings, a lot of walkthroughs,” he said. “A lot of information has been transferred to all the players, and he’s worked very hard, I’d say as all of our players have. We have a hard-working group. Those guys are ready to go. We’ve put in some long days, and they’ve been very attentive throughout the process.

“I’d say, certainly for all the quarterbacks at that position, those guys have been locked in, been focused, have worked extremely hard, all four of them. When they all get in the huddle, everybody has a lot of confidence in what they’re able to do and the information they have to give to the team — play-calling, adjustments, audibles, protection adjustments, things like that. That’s all gone pretty well. But again, we haven’t played at anywhere near the speed that we’re going to be playing at, so we’ll see how it comes together at that point.

“But Cam’s a hard-working kid. He really is.”

Newton is competing with Jarrett Stidham, Brian Hoyer and undrafted rookie Brian Lewerke in the quarterbacks room.