Why Chase Winovich's first NFL sack was such a special moment


MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- For any player, their first NFL sack is a special moment, but it was even more special for Patriots rookie Chase Winovich.

The Michigan product recorded his first career sack in the Patriots' 43-0 win over the Dolphins Sunday and told the story afterwards.

“It was cool actually -- before I got my sack, my grandmother, who passed away, she always said she would come back as a butterfly and I was tearing up a little bit on the field," he said. "It was literally a couple of plays before, I saw a butterfly flying around and I was like, ‘That has to mean something.’ Sure enough, a couple of plays later luckily I came home, my teammates had great coverage and set it up for me.”

Winovich added: “I knew something special was coming. Like I said, it’s something to build off of and I am looking to see where it goes from here.”

The defensive end/outside linebacker has another good story about his other grandmother, which he relayed during the preseason.

“Ever since high school, my grandma has been promising me -- if I played hard and didn’t get hurt -- she’s been promising me $5 and a chocolate bar, either Hershey’s or Serris Candies," he said.

Winovich finished the game with a tackle and 1.5 sacks with a few family members in attendance, as his parents and a few others try and make it to every game.

After playing 57 percent of the defensive snaps in Week 1 against the Steelers, Winovich continued to build on that Sunday and it seems like he will have a major role on the defense when it comes to getting after opposing quarterbacks.