Dexter Manley, 2-time Super Bowl champion: People give Tom Brady too much credit, he's not greatest of all-time

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To most people, the greatest quarterback of all-time debate is over, as it is undoubtedly Tom Brady.

But not to two-time Super Bowl champion and former NFL defensive end Dexter Manley.

Appearing on NBC Sports Washington, Manley went off on the Patriots quarterback.

“Joe Montana, he was absolutely the best," he said. "People talk about Tom Brady, he is not a Joe Montana. He’s not the greatest of all-time. Joe Montana is the greatest of all-time.”

So, what makes Montana the best?

“People give Tom Brady too much credit," Manley said. "It is a team effort. No. 1, he gets the ball out of his hand quick. He has good mechanics, but he’s no Joe Montana. My daughter could out-run Tom Brady. Joe Montana is the best of all-time. He’s the best passer — him and Dan Marino. That guy don’t fit in those categories. I don’t care what they say.”

Manley spent 11 seasons in the NFL from 1981-91 and earned the nickname, "secretary of defense."

Dexter Manley: "I don't care what they say," Tom Brady isn't the --➡️ @toyota

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