Adam Schefter on OMF shares what start of 2020 NFL season could look like due to COVID-19


Although the start of the NFL season is still months away, many are wondering what it will look like amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Appearing on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria as part of Tom Brady Week, ESPN's Adam Schefter gave his thoughts and it seems like he believes there will be some fan restrictions.

“Again, we will go by what Allen Sills (NFL doctor) said yesterday, which was that it is hard to imagine there being football without there being testing that’s effective and right now there’s not," he said. "How are they going to figure that out? I would just say this, that it is hard for me to imagine football being played in a stadium in front of 70,000 screaming fans the way we have seen. I am sure at some point we will get back to that once there is a vaccine developed for the COVID virus. But, without being a doctor or a scientist, I can’t imagine that is going to be September.

“Now, I think that somehow they will play football, there’s just too much money in it not to from a television standpoint. But, is it going to be Opening Day in Foxborough, sold out stadium, fans screaming, I don’t think we’re seeing that any time soon.”

The NFL Draft will go on as scheduled April 23-25, but will be conducted remotely. Schefter has been on record for being opposed to that and further explained his reasoning, which can be heard below.

.@AdamSchefter is baffled why the NFL insists on holding the Draft (4/23-4/25) during the apex of the COVID-19 pandemicSchefter adds every text he got from teams supported postponing the draft

— OMF (@OMFonWEEI) April 3, 2020