Adam Schefter: There's no favorite for Tom Brady right now, but things 'tracking' towards leaving New England


After over two months of tracking Tom Brady's every move, free agency is less than two weeks away when it is time for his best team to be decided.

A number of teams have been mentioned, most notably the Titans, Chargers, Raiders, Dolphins, Buccaneers, and most recently the 49ers. Some believe there will be a big market for him, while others believe it won't be that big at all.

Appearing on Mad Dog Radio's Adam Schein Show Thursday, ESPN's Adam Schefter said there is no favorite in the Brady sweepstakes right now.

“I really believe, having spoken to a number of people connected to the situation, that there is not a favorite right now," he said. "I really believe that Tom is really open-minded to this process and he’s said as much to Jim Gray when he spoke to him in an interview — ‘I am open-minded to this process.’ Those were his words and I believe that is 100 percent accurate today.”

Earlier in the week it was reported Brady and Bill Belichick have spoken and it did not go well.

Schefter reported the pair spoke, but not Tuesday as was reported, and it was business as usual. He went on to say things are trending towards him leaving New England since the two sides are no closer to a deal than they've been at any point in the last year.

“I can’t tell you much because I don’t know that much about it," Schefter said. "But again, I believe it was Tom Curran who reported that they have spoken, and Karen Guregian, and they said it hadn’t gone well, it occurred (Tuesday). And listen, the thing at this time of the year is there are so many things that are floating out there. Some are right, some are wrong, and some are close, but off the mark. I am just pointing out the facts because everyone is waiting for every little bit on Tom Brady. Of course the ESPN news desk reacts when those reports come out that they had a conversation (Tuesday). I made some calls and was told it was not (Tuesday), and no it was not contentious. Yes, they have spoken. It was recently. That is what I know.

“And let me say this to you, I think that whether or not they spoke, (Tuesday) or last week, and what the tone was, frankly, I don’t need to hear any of that to deduce that it is March 5. Free agency starts in less than two weeks. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are no closer to a contract agreement today than they were at any point during the season or any point recently. If the greatest quarterback and arguably the greatest player in NFL history is not any closer to a contract agreement with the team he’s played for for 20 years, I think we can all sense what way this is tracking.

"Which doesn’t mean they can’t figure it out at the last moment and somehow find a solution to bring him back to Foxborough and find a way to make it work. But again, I just compare and contrast what is going on with Tom Brady and what has gone on with say Drew Brees, who comes out and says, ‘I am either retiring or playing for the Saints.’ Have we heard that? We have not heard that with Tom Brady. At what point is it going to register with people who believe he’s going back there that there’s a real chance he’s not going back there. What more do we need to see?”

Free agency officially begins March 18.

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