ESPN's T.J. Quinn on M&C: Robert Kraft potentially could sue state of Florida


Monday was a big day in the Robert Kraft case when a judge granted his team's motion to suppress video evidence in his solicitation of prostitution case, meaning the state cannot use video from inside the day spa.

The judge ruled it was obtained illegally.

This is big for Kraft because that was the only evidence the state has really cited in their case against him. The state can appeal, but it's also likely Kraft's attorneys will file a motion to dismiss based on lack of evidence.

Appearing on Mut & Callahan Tuesday morning, ESPN's T.J. Quinn speculated there's a chance Kraft could potentially sue the state of Florida when all is said and done.

“Potentially, yeah," he said. "You already have several lawsuits. I don’t know exactly what the grounds they would take are, but potentially it would be an invasion of privacy that they had no rights to do this. That they violated his rights.”

As for if the video from inside the Orchids of Asia spa will eventually be leaked, Quinn seems to believe it will not. This is a shift from earlier in the case.

“My educated opinion is that in this case it does not simply because once Kraft filed a motion, about a month ago, what they were looking to do was to hold police accountable and the state attorney’s office accountable if that gets out," he said. "These are electronic files and they do keep track of who has access to them. My guess would be that they would button everything down and make sure they account for every person who has access to this, that they will be very, very careful about who might have gotten it.

"But, again, I don’t know who has access to it and if you flash enough money around, maybe somebody forgets that threat."