Former Chiefs CB Steven Nelson attacks Patriots, says Kansas City should've been in Super Bowl


NFL cornerback Steven Nelson signed with the Steelers this offseason after playing for the Chiefs last year, which is a good thing for him as he can continue his dislike for the Patriots.

Appearing on FOX Sports 1 show "Fair Game" with Kristine Leahy, he was asked for his thoughts on last year's Super Bowl between the Patriots and Rams.

"I was like, screw the Patriots, because we should've been in the Super Bowl. Kudos to them for making it, but I wanted the Rams to win," Nelson said.

Nelson's Chiefs lost in overtime to the Patriots in the AFC title game as the No. 1 seed playing at home.

"I'm moving on, but it kind of hurt me for maybe a week," Nelson said. "It didn't help because that was my birthday week. So it was like, 'Man, come on.' I wanted to go to the Super Bowl, and I'm from Atlanta and the Super Bowl was in Atlanta. It's all good, though."

Nelson was beat by Phillip Dorsett for a touchdown at the end of the first half.