How Patriots will replace Dante Scarnecchia becoming clearer


The Patriots have yet to formally announce their coaching staff for the 2020 season, but we now have a good idea of how Dante Scarnecchia will be replaced.

Speaking on a video conference Tuesday, center David Andrews revealed who has been leading the offensive line virtual meetings.

“Cole Popovich and Carm (Carmen Bricillo), it’s not like it’s someone they brought in and a lot of us haven’t even met,” Andrews said. “These are guys that — Cole’s been there for a while, Carm’s been there since last year. Pretty much everyone in the room right now other than the rookies have a relationship with those guys, are familiar with them. I think that helps a lot. Having those guys that we’ve been around for a long time and have been in our system helps a lot because there’s a lot of continuity there.”

Popovich has been with the Patriots for four seasons -- the first three as a coaching assistant, primarily working with Scarnecchia, and then last year as the assistant running backs coach. Bricello joined last year as a coaching assistant, but spent most of his time with the offensive line.

Andrews is thankful for his time learning from Scarnecchia, one of the best offensive line coaches in the history of the NFL, and called him a friend.

"Scar has meant so much to me. He taught me so much," he said. "Still means a lot to me and I am thankful for -- it is kind of weird saying it now, but I guess a friendship that we have. Scar will always be around and he is someone that that relationship extends more than football. Just the chance to get to play with a coach like that is an unreal experience."

Scarnecchia retired at the age of 72 earlier this offseason after coaching in the NFL since 1982.