How Tom Brady will approach bye week

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FOXBORO -- Even though the Patriots aren't playing this week, it doesn't mean the players will just be relaxing.

There is still work to be done.

Typically the bye week is for self-scouting, not only for the team as a whole, but as individuals. Being in the league for so long, Tom Brady has a good idea of what he needs to do.

"All quarterbacks are a little bit different," he said Wednesday. "So I certainly have a routine that I would never give away. But I’m trying to evaluate the different physical errors, mental errors and sometimes there’s one, sometimes there’s none, sometimes there’s both. The less errors you can make the better. Could be a read, could be a decision, could be a throw. Ultimately, it’s just trying to be productive, like I said, to score points, help us win."

"I think it’s just gotten more and more efficient [over the years]," Brady added. "I think like anyone who’s been in their job for a long time, you kind of know what to do and you know what works and you know what doesn’t work. That’s the benefit of experience. So, you don’t have to waste too much time doing things that you know won’t pay off. Could be physical things, could be mental things, could be personal, relationship things that you’ve got to work at. But all those things are important."

Brady was asked more specifically what he hopes to take from this week, but he kept things broad.

"I think just trying to be the best I can be for our team going forward," he said. "That’s what the goal is. So a lot of it is just, like I said, understanding everything we’ve done and trying to do a better job of the things that we haven’t done so well and maintaining the strengths that we have. I think you just evaluate it, evaluate kind of the things we’ve done and decisions and plays and try to get to our best stuff as we go."

When the Patriots return to the Gillette Stadium next Monday they will begin preparations for the Jets Thanksgiving weekend.