Kyle Van Noy: '[Patriots] have a chance to go on a revenge tour'


FOXBOROUGH -- While the Patriots lost to the Dolphins in Week 17 and failed to secure a first-round bye in the process, linebacker Kyle Van Noy is staying positive.

The linebacker said Monday in the Patrriots locker room the team has a chance to go on a "revenge tour" in the playoffs beginning Saturday night at home against the Titans.

“At the end of the day, we’re in a blessed situation. We’re in the playoffs. We’re one of 12 teams in the playoffs. We have a chance to go on a revenge tour," he said. "What better way to start off than with Tennessee, who we lost to last year. Got big motivation. … They are coming into our house and what better way to get it started for the playoffs (than) Saturday at 8:15 in Gillette. I know it’s going to be rocking and I am excited for our players to perform in a way and play Patriot football on Saturday. I’m excited.”

If the Patriots win Saturday, they would travel to Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Chiefs, a team they lost to in the regular season, in the divisional round, and then the game following that would likely be against the Ravens, another team the Patriots lost to, in the AFC title game.

“I mean, you got to look at who we can play," Van Noy said of his "revenge tour" line. "We’re playing the Titans and we got to just go into it and put everything we can into that game. They are a really good team. (Mike) Vrabel has them playing really well and we’re excited for the challenge.”

While some may be disappointed about missing out on the bye, Van Noy is excited just to be in the playoffs and starting at home.

“For me, I am just excited to play in the playoffs," he said. "There’s so many guys you can look through over their careers that have never gotten a chance, or got one chance. I’ve had a lot. I don’t take these lightly because you never know when your last play is and what a blessing to play in front of family and friends on a national stage. I know it’s going to reach all the way to the west, so that is good. My family will be able to see the game. I am really pumped. I am excited. My parents are coming, I’m pumped.”

Kickoff is set for 8:15 p.m. Saturday night.