Mike Vrabel sets record straight on FaceTime call with Tom Brady, Julian Edelman


Tom Brady being a free agent was undoubtedly the biggest NFL story of the offseason.

And one of the more interesting things with that came when Brady and Julian Edelman attended a Syracuse basketball game together and it appeared the two were FaceTiming with Mike Vrabel. Many took that as Vrabel trying to recruit Brady to the Titans.

Speaking to the Camera Guys of NBC Sports Boston recently, Vrabel set the record straight on what actually happened.

“Well, I was at the combine and we have CBS on TV and I was watching the combine and watching the guys work out, and you have a million snacks back there so I was up and down like a highway," he said. "I look up there and they were showing Tom and Julian, so I texted (them) real quick and I was like, ‘Did you guys get highlights for the basketball game?’ Because it looked like their hair was blonde.

"Of course they immediately — they were mad so they wanted to yell at me because I texted them something funny. They FaceTime’d me and we’re sitting there laughing and talking. Jules is sitting there yelling into the phone as loud as he possibly can. That is how it all went down, just like any other time. We were just laughing and joking.”

Brady of course signed with Tampa Bay and the Titans stuck with Ryan Tannehill.

Vrabel and the former Patriots quarterback have had a great relationship over the years stemming from their time in New England and the now Titans coach couldn't resist taking a shot at Brady over his golf game.

“Right now, after watching Tom golf, I wish we were best friends. I wish we golfed every day for a lot of money after that debacle (playing with Phil Mickelson in 'The Match: Champions for Charity'.”