Bill Belichick acknowledges he heard negativity towards Patriots last season


Typically with the Patriots, they ignore the noise and don't pay attention to what is said or written about them. But, some instances are different, including last year when many wrote the team off after a 1-2 start and then struggling on the road over the course of the regular season.

Appearing on Mike Krzyzewski's show “Basketball and Beyond with Coach K” on SiriusXM last week, Belichick seemed to acknowledge the team took note of the criticism last season when he discussed how each year is always different.

“As you know coach, every year is different, each team is different, the chemistry, and what you go through and experience as a team. It makes each year unique,” Belichick said. “And even though the results are similar to what they’ve been before in some other special years, this one was a little bit different. We started off 1-2, we were 3-5 on the road. There were things along the way that didn’t go the way we hoped they would go. There was some negativity and people counting us out, and talking about how bad we were at everything. Bad coaching, bad playing, bad everything.

"Then, at a point during the end of the season, we were able to play our best football at the most critical games at the most critical times in those games. Our execution was the very best that it was all season, in some cases, quite a bit. It was very special and fulfilling. For it to come together like that, in spite of some of the adversity . . . there was an internal belief in ourselves in the process of what we were doing. Fortunately we were able to see those results manifest themselves in those critical games at critical times.”

This coming season will certainly be different starting with all of the changes to the coaching staff.