Tom Brady via K&C believes Patriots offense can be much better: We should have scored 52 points vs. Colts


The Patriots have won two straight games to improve to 3-2 on the year, and in those games they have scored 38 points both times.

New England is currently tied for ninth in points per game (26.6), but appearing on Kirk & Callahan with Gerry Callahan and Mike Mutnansky Monday morning, Tom Brady noted how the unit can be even better, especially if it can eliminate turnovers.

“Those turnovers, whether it is an interception, fumbled snap, I think that’s been something that we have to correct," he said. "If you look back at the first five games we’re giving away too many scoring opportunities. That is limiting our points. I thought the other night we should have put 52 [points] out there, at least. Maybe more. When we play a team like Kansas City, we have to take advantage of every scoring opportunity because we know they are.”

The Patriots already have nine giveaways after only having 12 the entire season in 2017.

However, Brady did note the offense is still figuring out its identity with all the mixing and matching that occurred early in the year. Getting players like Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon involved will only help with the stability and overall form of the unit.

“I think when you have great players, and Julian is a great player and he’s been that way for a long time, that is how you move the ball," Brady said. "You throw to the guys who are going to make tough catches and make those plays, instinctive plays. We got a lot of zone coverage the other night and Jules just knows how to work those areas. He can turn a 4-yard catch into a 9-yard gain. Those things kind of go maybe a little taken for granted when he is in there. He hasn’t been in there for awhile and our offense has changed a little bit because he hasn’t, but it was great to have him back. We obviously worked it through training camp.

"I think we’re still figuring out what we’re good at. At this point we haven’t had everyone together for that long. Now that Josh is on the team and all of the receivers are really contributing. The tight ends are contributing. The backs, Sony [Michel] missed all of training camp. It’s just kind of figuring out where we go from here and that’s a good opportunity for us. We’re five games into the year and we have a lot of football left. I think we all believe our best football is ahead of us.”

As for this coming Sunday's game against the Chiefs, Brady hasn't studied much of Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes, but he knows how good he is and how much of a challenge it will be for the entire team.

“I haven’t actually studied much, I have just seen some highlights, which everyone sees and which are obviously incredibly impressive," Brady said. "He’s very talented and he’s got what seems to be a lot of great tools to work with. They have a great team. They have the highest scoring offense in the league. They have a lot of good skill players. They are 5-0 so there’s not many chinks in the armor, so we’re going to have to play really well and be up for the challenge.

"It’s going to be a pretty tough game."