Roger Goodell makes first public comments regarding Robert Kraft legal matter


At a press conference to wrap up the NFL owners meetings Tuesday night, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made his first public comments on Robert Kraft's alleged solicitation of prostitution.

“I think we said this several weeks ago, the Personal Conduct Policy applies to everybody — the commissioner’s office, executives, players, coaches," he said to reporters in Phoenix. "And it will be applied to everybody. It will be done after we get all the facts and we have all the information. We will be fair and smart about it. That is what we’ll do.”

Goodell later added: "When we get all the information, we'll make determinations. I'm not going to speculate on where we are or my views on anything. Until we get all the information, we're not to make any discussions or any comments about that."

The commissioner also said he would be the one who determines a potential punishment, not the other owners.

Earlier on Tuesday,