Patriots fans will like what John Elway had to say at NFL Combine regarding Tom Brady


INDIANAPOLIS -- Tom Brady was the talk of the day at the NFL Combine on Tuesday among the coaches and general managers that spoke. 

Many were asked about the 42-year-old and if their team would be interested if he hits the open market, but no one gave an answer like Broncos president of football operations and GM John Elway.

Elway said he cannot picture Brady playing for a team other than New England.

“Thinking just from my point of view I hope not," he said. "That’s up to Tom. When you think of Tom, Tom’s always going to be a New England Patriot. He’s at that time in his life he still wants to play. It’ll be interesting from him to kind of explore and see what’s out there. I’m sure that’s exciting to him to kind of look around and see what’s available. I’m just glad that he’s thinking about playing again. He’s great for the game and he’s been great for this league.”

Elway, who obviously had a great playing career himself, said the hardest thing for Brady with another team would be implementing his own system.

“I think that," he said. "He’s been with the same guys in the same system from a long, long time. To change that, to change where he’s practiced, the head coach, the coaches, all those types of things I think having gotten used to where he’s been for so long I think just the change might be exciting for him, but I think it’s going to be a lot of work.”

Denver could potentially be interested in Brady if he were to become a free agent, but it appears it is satisfied with Drew Lock, its second-round pick last season. 

“We’d always talk to him, but I think that we’re happy with what we have with Drew," Elway said.

The 42-year-old is set to become a free agent if the Patriots do not re-sign him by March 18.

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