Jarrett Stidham discusses reported hip injury, goals for rest of training camp


Second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham spoke for the second time this summer on Thursday and things have certainly changed over the last few weeks.

Before training camp started, Stidham talked about competing for the starting job, but a few weeks later and some missed reps in practice due to a reported hip injury, it seems like Cam Newton is in line to be the starter.

“There are things that happen. Sometimes you can’t control everything," he said when asked about missing some reps. "Now I’m back on the field and excited to be back playing with the guys, and everything like that. So I just want to take the most of my opportunities and I do have and try to make the most of them, and continue to get better every single day.”

Stidham added: "I don’t want to get too much into it. But I’m very fortunate to have a great medical team here, a great training staff – Jim [Whalen] and all those guys. Then obviously our team doctors and everybody that’s involved. Everybody was great last week and everything. Like I said earlier, I’m just happy to be back out on the field with everybody and playing with everybody again.”

The Auburn product reportedly needed to be checked out at a local hospital last Thursday.

While he did not miss any practices, he did not participate much at the end of last week, but has worked his way back to getting close to normal reps as of Thursday.

As for his mentality the rest of training camp, Stidham is just looking to get better each day.

“My goal, like I said earlier, has always stayed the same," he said. "Whether that be here at the end of training camp kind of leading into the season, or whether it be throughout the season, whatever it may be, is really just to learn and get better. I’m only in my second year. There’s a ton of room for me to grow. A lot of room to improve and learn in a lot of different areas. That’s kind of my big thing. I just want to continue to learn from the guys in the quarterback room, whether it be Cam, or Hoy, or Jedd [Fisch], or Josh [McDaniels], or whoever it may be – just continue to learn from those guys and really try to help myself get better and really excel on the field every day.”

The Patriots are currently scheduled to have an in-stadium practice on Friday.