Jarrett Stidham's second preseason game even more impressive by comments afterwards


Looking at the box score, it would seem like Patriots rookie QB Jarrett Stidham had his second straight great preseason performance.

The Auburn product was 14-for-19 with 193 yards and a touchdown in the 22-17 win over the Titans, but what that fails to show is three passes that could have been interceptions, including two that had pick-six's written all over them.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Stidham admitted there was some luck involved.

“I got pretty lucky there a couple times,” he said. “But I trust my guys to go make those plays, and sure enough, they did. I don’t need to put the ball in too much danger, so I’ve got to work on that, but overall, I thought we did a good job.” 

Stidham admitting this was pretty impressive for a rookie.

Another thing that was impressive was his ability to bounce back. Stidham's first play of the game resulted in a safety on a holding penalty in the end zone, but that didn't rattle him the rest of the way. His highlight was leading the Patriots on a 11-play, 99-yard drive in the fourth quarter, which resulted in the game-winning touchdown throw to Damoun Patterson. The rookie went 7-for-7 passing on that drive.

“I think Stidham’s got a good arm,” Bill Belichick told reporters. “I think he throws the ball accurately. I think he’s shown that all the way through from Baylor to Auburn to his pro day and spring workouts. So I don’t think that’s really been an issue.” 

Even with a solid first two preseason games, Stidham knows he can get even better.

“I think the biggest thing for me is just getting in practice and getting reps and that sort of thing and going through the plays,” he said. “But in a game — in a live situation — it is a little bit different. So I’m just trying to learn as much as I can from week to week and progress as much as I can.” 

Stidham and the Patriots will practice back at Gillette Stadium this week before Thursday's third preseason game.