Peter King via D&K doesn't believe Stefon Diggs will be traded to Patriots, or any team for that matter


The NFL trade deadline is in less than three weeks and there is plenty of buzz surrounding the Patriots.

One of the biggest names to be brought up is Vikings wide out Stefon Diggs.

But, appearing on Dale & Keefe Thursday, NBC Sports' Peter King seemed to shut down the possibility of that happening.

“I theorized the other day that he would be a really, really interesting trade target because he’s extremely manageable money-wise, he’s in his prime and [his salary> is imminently doable for a guy who is going to put up the numbers he is," King said. "I think the biggest problem, I was told Sunday night, I did some reporting on the Vikings on Sunday night after they beat the Giants, and I was told it is highly unlikely that he will be traded. They don’t think he wants to be traded.

"He’s a really emotional guy, and I don’t know what it was to set him off last week, but I don’t think it was a demand to be traded. I am not saying he couldn’t be traded, but I am saying we have thought all along that this may be the beginning of Jalen Ramsey II. I was told pretty solidly that as of right now he doesn’t want to be traded and the Vikings have no intention of trading him.”

Whether it is Diggs or not, it's expected the Patriots will be very active around the deadline as they look to upgrade their offense.