Rob Gronkowski reveals new favorite activity at ESPYs


Rob Gronkowski was on hand at the ESPY Awards Wednesday night as he shared "Best Moment" with Dwayne Wade and Lindsey Vonn.

Before the ceremony, he spoke with ESPN where he talked about what he's up to this offseason now that he's retired.

The former tight end revealed a new favorite activity: corn hole.

“Just relaxing. I just played a good 15 years straight of football every single year, so I have just been relaxing," Gronkowski said. "Staying active still. I love playing other sports. I actually love playing outdoor sports during the summer like pig and horse in basketball, pool basketball, but my favorite game out there is corn hole. I love corn hole and when you sink four shots in a row — one, two, three, four against your opponent, that is a great feeling.”

Would the professional corn hole league interest him?

“I have actually heard about it. I have been recommended by many people to look into it, but I don’t know. I don’t feel like my corn hole game is that good," Gronkowski said. "I feel like every single shot those pros put it in. Maybe one day. But, as of right now I just love to show up at houses, I just love to show up at summer parties in the backyard and just play some corn hole.”

Many still believe Gronkowski will come back at some point this season, but only time will tell.

The Patriots open training camp July 25.