Adam Schefter via M&C shares latest on Rob Gronkowski's 2019 playing status


Rob Gronkowski and his status for 2019 still remains one of the biggest questions in New England.

It's been over a month since the Super Bowl and the tight end still hasn't said anything as it relates to returning or not in 2019. Over the course of the year it seemed like he would be retiring, but the longer things go this offseason without a retirement announcement, the more and more likely it seems he returns.

Appearing on Mut & Callahan Friday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter seemed to agree.

“There is no decision yet, not that I know of," he said. "… I think if you are a Patriots fan, or with the Patriots, I think you have to feel encouraged. We’re now a month out of the Super Bowl, we haven’t heard anything. It seems like business as usual. I think right now I would be [more] surprised if Gronk retired than if he came back. And at the end of the season there was a lot of talk of him retiring, right? So, there's nothing official, but I think every sign that we’ve seen, every sense that we’ve felt has been positive. I think it is trending the right way, but we obviously have to hear from the man himself on a decision.”

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