Robert Kraft lawyers: Patriots owner will suffer 'irreparable harm' from the release of video footage


Robert Kraft's team is continuing to make sure the video of him allegedly receiving sex acts in the Orchids of Asia day spa in January does not get released.

According to the Boston Globe, Kraft's lawyers made assertions in a legal filing Wednesday, including saying the release would cause their client “irreparable harm."

“In particular, disclosure [of the video evidence] would further infringe Mr. Kraft’s constitutionally protected privacy rights and interests, as well as his constitutional right to a fair trial, in ways that thereafter could not be cured,” his lawyers wrote. “Nor do the interests invoked by the Media weigh as heavy on the scales, or even belong on the scales, particularly at this early stage of the proceeding.”

Media outlets, including the Globe and CBS, are doing what they can to make sure the videos do get released.

“Human sex trafficking has become known as a major human rights tragedy, often involving extensive criminal enterprises,” the media outlets’ attorneys said in a recent filing. “In their role as surrogates for keeping the public informed about this matter, the Media Intervenors . . . rely on state, county, and local public records, as well as judicial records, to gather information for this critical news story.”

A hearing on the media issue is scheduled for Friday, while a hearing on Kraft’s motion to suppress the evidence is scheduled for April 26.