Ty Law explains how playing for Patriots may have made it harder to get into Hall of Fame


For two straight years, Ty Law was a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but ultimately didn't get in.

That changed this year as the former Patriots cornerback will be part of the 2019 class.

Appearing on Adam Schefter's podcast this week, Law went into the process from his perspective, which included why playing for the Patriots may have hurt his cause.

“You know, I think you never because — it was weird," he said. "You look at the numbers, and of course, yes I had the numbers, and you look at the championships, but for whatever reason, and I still think it’s still like that today, is as much winning as we’re continuing to do, it’s like we are looked at as a team. That’s it, like there’s no other players worthy of that, at least from the media perspective when it comes to the Patriots. It’s Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and everybody else, you know what I mean?

"I didn’t know what people thought about me and the rest of us. You pretty much know, Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. There’s no doubt about that. There’s no question about Coach Belichick. When you hear about our team, it was like to me, we have a hell of a lot of players out there that can play. You can’t do it by just two guys. I think we were molded like this through perception in the media that there was probably no other Hall of Fame players outside of that, which now we know was totally wrong. I think that I should be the first of a few more, to be honest with you.”

Law also revealed Tom Brady wasn't the only one to write a letter recommending him, as Peyton Manning did, too.

“It was awesome because one, it was my teammate. I have a lot of respect for him," he said. "We had a lot of competition and we are both Michigan guys. By him going out of his way to do that on my behalf, I am so thankful that he did because he didn’t have to. Peyton Manning wrote a letter, as well. It is not getting as much pub as that one, but Peyton Manning did the same thing. When you get great quarterbacks and no one can question the greatness and careers that they have had to be able to do so and say that they feel I am worthy of doing that, I think that was awesome.”

Law will be inducted on Aug. 3 in Canton, Ohio.