Tom Brady explains to Randy Moss why he's still playing at age 42


Prior to Monday Night Football, Tom Brady sat down with Randy Moss to discuss a variety of things in an interview set to air on ESPN.

One of the topics was Brady explaining why he continues to play at age 42 with everything he's accomplished over the course of his career.

“That’s a good question. I think for me, one it is the love of the game," Brady said. "I enjoy it. Football is my first love. I sit here and think, ‘If I wasn’t playing football, what would I be doing?’ I can’t find an answer to that. It’s like why not keep doing what I am doing?

“I think there are a lot of people that have made sacrifices in their life to support me — my wife, my kids, my family. They are getting a little bit older, so it isn’t going to last forever.”

But, have any of his family members pushed him to step away?

“Not my kids so much." Brady said. "I have asked my oldest son, who is 12, Jack, I say, ‘Jack, what do you think?’ He’s like, ‘Whatever you want, dad.’ … Then I will say it to my wife and she will go, ‘You already know my answer.’ She is just a loving wife that wants me to be around the kids all the time. But, she’s also so supportive of the things I love to do, too.

"You know, it will come. It is getting closer. We’re close to the end. It is not going to go on forever. I am enjoying it. For me, at this point, it is really about the relationships. The people who I play for, the people who I play with, that is what I am enjoying.”

Brady is set to be a free agent for the first time in his career after this season.