Tom Brady: 'Tough conversations and tough coaching' occurred Monday following Patriots' loss to Steelers


The Patriots have dropped two games in a row following Sunday’s 17-10 loss to the Steelers and are now the No. 3 seed in the AFC, which means they would have to play on wild card weekend if the playoffs began today.

It wasn’t the best performance all-around on Sunday. The offense scored just 10 points, the defense was terrible against the run and the team committed a season-high 14 penalties.

This made for a tough film review on Monday.

“I would say we learned from yesterday,” Tom Brady told Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio before Monday Night Football. “Hopefully, guys took it to heart. There were some pretty tough conversations and tough coaching, which is deserved by us players. Ultimately, we didn’t execute well enough to get the job done. When you don’t execute your job the way you are capable, this is when you have to dig deep and you rely on other players to pick you up when you’re down — when your confidence is down a little bit — but we have a lot of mentally tough guys. We have strong character in our locker room. 

“Ultimately, we’re just going to have to play better. You can talk about it until you are blue in the face, but we have to go do it. It starts on the practice field. It comes down to three hours on a Sunday and we haven’t necessarily performed our best this year. We have yet to put together a 60-minute game and that is still out there for us. We still have goals to reach.”

Brady added the team can learn from the loss and will get by with the help of the veteran leaders.

“Football means a lot to myself and it means a lot to my teammates,” he said. “We put a lot into it. We care deeply about winning and losing. That is what we’re here for. We’re here to win, and when you lose and you don’t get the job done, it is tough. You have to look at the other leaders, the guys who have been around for awhile and it refocuses you in ways winning can’t. If we learn from it, it becomes a great positive.”

The Patriots can clinch the AFC East with a win over the Bills Sunday and likely need to win out and have Houston lose at least once to steal away the No. 2 seed and get a first-round bye.