Goodman: Brad Stevens' 5-year extension doesn't mean Celtics might not explore change


According to The Stadium's Jeff Goodman, Brad Stevens' contract extension was for five years, putting him under contract with the team for six seasons.

That, however, doesn't mean a change at the Celtics head coaching spot is out of the question.

Appearing on the Ken and Curtis Show Saturday, Goodman presented scenarios Celtics general manager Danny Ainge might consider if the underachieving C's don't find a way to win at last one playoff series.

One of the primary options, according to Goodman, may very well include Stevens.

"After this year if you don't win a playoff series, which it doesn't look like they're going to do, I think you have a decision to make if you're Danny Ainge," Goodman explained. "Door A is making a move on Brad Stevens. And Door B is exploring the opportunity of trading Jaylen Brown and seeing what you can get. I'm not saying you give him away. I have been a proponent of trading him in a deal for Bradley Beal. But I think you have to explore it because there is no other option that is going to bring you something that is really going to change the complexion of this team. You're not trading Jayson Tatum. It would be stupid. He's an MVP candidate in a few years. You're not trading Kemba Walker because you're going to get 50 cents on the dollar right now, so it would be bad business. Trading Jaylen Brown, his value is really, really high. There might be somebody out there, whether's Tommy Shepherd, the GM of Washington, or somebody else, who thinks I can build my franchise around this guy. He's that good and he's gotten so much better over the last year or so. It's not crazy to think that some GM out there would give a ton for Jaylen Brown."

The Stevens move, obviously, would be a tough one for Ainge considering the commitment made to his coach in August.

"You're not going to find a higher character guy, but, listen, at some point you have to look in the mirror if you're Danny Ainge and say, 'We can't go in with the same group next year. We have to do something different.' And the easier move to make obviously is the coach," Goodman said of Stevens. "Maybe it's just not clicking right now. Brad Stevens, listen, if something happens with him he's going to find a new spot in the NBA within five minutes. So don't feel sorry for Brad, he'll be just fine. It wouldn't shock me if he took the year off and spent it with his family and his kids and whatnot. Brad is a different type of dude that way. But you do need somebody ... Can you get a former NBA player in? I think that's what Danny would look for if he made a move. But, listen, they signed Brad to a five-year deal last year with a ton of money. So is Wyc going to pay that money out at this point? Again, the alternative is there is three deals here: It's Brad, it's Jaylen and it's going with what you have again next year. And I think that's what will frustrate fans a lot more and Danny a lot more if they pick up where they left off and they're just kind of a middle of the Eastern Conference playoff team, which I don't see them being any better if they keep this group together. It's not like Kemba is going to be the old Kemba at 25, 26 years old at 100 percent every night. We've seen what we're going to get from Kemba. He's going to have some great nights and then he's going to be out of the lineup and he's going to have some poor shooting nights. There is inconsistency among Kemba, and I think Kemba is a sort of a microcosm of where the Celtics are right now. They're just inconsistent. You don't know what to expect."

Asked to confirm that the extension given to Stevens was indeed five years, Goodman added, "Yeah. We don't know the money, because Brad ... his lawyer is his wife so there's not a lot of leaks that come out of the Brad Stevens camp, and rightfully so. So, yeah, it was a five-year deal for a lot of money. A lot of money."