Jeff Van Gundy on GHS: I think Celtics are ‘gonna win it all’


Jeff Van Gundy will be on the call for the Eastern Conference Finals on ESPN and ABC, and the veteran color commentator and former NBA head coach joined The Greg Hill Show on Tuesday to preview the series.

Van Gundy is expecting Celtics-Heat to be another dog fight like Celtics-Bucks in the second round, as he sees similarities in the way all three teams play.

"I think the Bucks, the Celtics and the Heat are in many ways different, obviously in some ways, but the thing that they all have in common is they’re very, very tough, led by superstars, and are tremendous defensively," he said. "So, I think this one is gonna be different, because Miami plays a little bit different, but it’s gonna be very, very similar in terms of how hard the competition is."

Van Gundy sees a close series, but he's ultimately picking the Celtics to not just advance to the NBA Finals, but to win it all.

"I think it’s gonna be really, really a good series," he said. "I picked Boston to win it from way back. I think Boston’s been the best team in the league. I think they’re gonna win it all this year. But these differences between teams are very, very minute, so a series can change on one bad break or one good bounce of the ball."

Listen to the full interview with Van Gundy, which also includes some good ol' officiating talk, below: