AFC playoff picture: Where do Patriots stand following Week 12?

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The Patriots keep on rolling.

Following their win over the Titans Sunday afternoon, they have won six straight games and now are in second place in the conference, while leading the AFC East.

They also continue to improve in the projections, as FiveThirtyEight currently gives them a 91% chance of making the postseason, 45% chance of winning the division and a 22% chance of getting the top seed and a first-round bye.

Here’s how the entire conference standings look following Week 12 with the Monday night game featuring two NFC teams.

1. Baltimore 8-3
Remaining games: at Steelers, at Browns, vs. Packers, at Bengals, vs. Rams, vs. Steelers

2. New England 8-4
Remaining games: at Bills, Bye, at Colts, vs. Bills, vs. Jaguars, at Dolphins

3. Tennessee 8-4
Remaining games:  Bye, vs. Jaguars, at Steelers, vs. 49ers, vs. Dolphins, at Texans

4. Kansas City 7-4
Remaining games: vs. Broncos, vs. Raiders, at Chargers, vs. Steelers, at Bengals, at Broncos

5. Cincinnati 7-4
Remaining games: vs. Chargers, vs. 49ers, at Broncos, vs. Ravens, vs. Chiefs, at Browns

6. Buffalo 7-4
Remaining games: vs. Patriots, at Buccaneers, vs. Panthers, at Patriots, vs. Falcons, vs. Jets

7. L.A. Chargers 6-5
Remaining games: at Bengals, vs. Giants, vs. Chiefs, at Texans, vs. Broncos, at Raiders


8. Las Vegas 6-5
Remaining games: vs. Washington, at Chiefs, at Browns, vs. Broncos, at Colts, vs. Chargers

9. Denver 6-5
Remaining games: at Chiefs, vs. Lions, vs. Bengals, at Raiders, at Chargers, vs. Chiefs

10. Indianapolis 6-6
Remaining games: at Texans, Bye, vs. Patriots, at Cardinals, vs. Raiders, at Jaguars

11. Pittsburgh 5-5-1
Remaining games: vs. Ravens, at Vikings, vs. Titans, at Chiefs, vs. Browns, at Ravens

10. Cleveland 6-6
Remaining games: Bye, vs. Ravens, vs. Raiders, at Packers, at Steelers, vs. Bengals


Once again, because of how bunched the teams are in the standings things change quickly in a week, especially when a lot of these teams are playing each other. The Patriots-Bills game next Monday is obviously massive, but so is the Ravens-Steelers and Bengels-Chargers matchups. Baltimore is the top seed, but it has a tough schedule coming up with games against the Steelers, Browns (coming off bye), Packers and Bengals over the next month. In terms of easiest schedule, keep an eye on the Titans, who after their bye this week (where they can get healthy) will take on the Jaguars, Steelers, 49ers and Dolphins. It’s very likely all the seeds will come down to the final week, which will make for some exciting games between now and the rest of the season.